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Why move to a cloud eMail solution?

CloudEmail.jpgThere are plenty of good reasons to move to cloud-based email, but the main resasons for most small businesses are obvious.  Cloud eMail is great for schools, churches, non-profits and businesses that need an eMail solution that has comparable lower costs, improved reliability, easy accessable, security features, is scable based on business growth and has backup and recover measures in place.

Lower costs: Perhaps you think the old server sitting in the corner doesn’t cost you anything, but it will cost you money to maintain and money to replace, with further costs for software updates or client access licences, not to mention network infrastructure.

Improved reliability: Email servers are, to put it mildly, not always reliable. When they fail, business comes to a screaching halt. Even when they are reliable, they still require a lot of time to manage, patch and secure, and in small businesses with no permanent IT staff, that time is hard to come by. With cloud-based email, most of this burden simply goes away.

Accessibility: Generally speaking, on-premises email servers are designed to work with an email client on a single PC, and getting them to do more takes a certain amount of work. What’s more, as the mail in each mailbox is either stored on the server or passed on to PC clients, it may only be available where and when the server can be accessed, which might not be everywhere or at every time. Cloud-based email services are designed to work across a wide range of devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets and phones will all connect, and you can often use practically anything that will run a browser to view and send mail. And while 100% uptime can’t be guaranteed, the best cloud email services come incredibly close.

Security: Provided your users follow good basic security practice, looking after their devices and using strong passwords for access, cloud-based email services are impressively secure. In fact, it’s fair to say that Microsoft or Google’s servers have better physical security, run on more secure networks and are updated more frequently than the mail servers you’d find in most corporate environments, let alone small businesses.

Backup and disaster recovery: Most of us have some experience of an email we didn’t want deleted getting sent to the recycle bin, while the loss of email due to hardware failure, fire, flood or theft can be disastrous. With a good cloud-based service, your mailboxes will be backed up across multiple physical servers and locations, while even deleted emails aren’t junked from the servers straight away. Combine this with the accessibility of cloud-based services, and a problem with your email no longer means a larger problem for your business.

Scalability: In-house email servers can scale upwards as your company grows, provided you’ve built them with the overhead to do so. If not, or if they reach their limits, you could be looking at expensive new investments. With cloud-based services, however, your email provision can grow as the company grows; all it takes is adding another user. This isn’t just good news when a business is growing, but also when it needs to be flexible. If you take on staff temporarily or need to make cuts later, you will only pay for what you use.

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