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Case Study: Chris’ Famous Hotdogs

Jan 15, 2019 -- Posted by : TommyHouseStudios

Tommy House Studios Case Study: Chris’ Famous Hotdogs
Photo courtesy of The Alabama Retail Association

This is the first of hopefully many case studies conducted by Tommy House Studios with some of our clients. This case study is with Chris’ Famous Hotdogs owner Gus Katechis. Chris’ has been in business for over 100 years and has been a client of THS since 2004. Here’s what Gus had to say about working with Tommy House Studios.

Q: What was the goal of the Chris' Hot Dogs prior to beginning a local SEO campaign with Tommy House Studios?

Gus: We started using Tommy House Studios several months ago with intentions of increasing our Google listings and insuring our page is shown on first or second page of Google when searching for specific key words. We hoped to insure our internet footprint became as big as possible, was correct and up to date.

Q: What other marketing strategies has Chris's tried and why was SEO with Tommy House Studios a good strategy to pursue?

Gus: Tommy’s use of his tools for SEO has also helped with our social media feedback and traffic. Cross promoting through other business has been amazing with the use of social media. Some examples include Alabama Retail Association and Montgomery Sports Network. Customers now come into Chris’ mentioning what they have seen on social media and various other websites. Tommy recently promoted a 100th Anniversary Christmas ornament and they started selling like hot cakes immediately!

Starting point of keywords as well as its improvement over time.

Q: What kind of results did you experience since the start of SEO with Tommy House Studios and how long before you noticed those results?

Gus: We began seeing results approximately 3 to 6 weeks after starting SEO. It took about 3 months to fully realize the effort taking place. Almost all key words on Google are first page results, if not they are on the second page. The second page results are more of emerging business strategies and not main business operations. Tommy House Studios was instrumental in Chris’ receiving Alabama Retail Association Small Business of the Year award.

Q: How has your experience been working with Tommy House Studios and their SEO Marketing Team?

Gus: Working with Tommy House Studios is like working with your best friend. The man behind the computer is the most genuine trustworthy individual I have worked with on any business dealing. He works on our page daily and has proven to be an asset to the advertising of Chris’. Tommy House Studios is prompt, efficient and has been one of the best investments in my business. My return on investment is exceptional to say the least!

Analytics that show when users are viewing, what they are viewing and where they come from for targeting.

We appreciate Chris’ Famous Hotdogs trusting us to help with their business. If you need help with your business, Tommy House Studios is here for you. THS offers services in website design, social media management, SEO and more. We are dedicated to you, the customer, with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. You can contact us to discuss your specific needs and to receive a free quote. Call us at 877-246-1315 or email at info@tommyhouse.com and let us help your business.


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