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Grassroots Marketing for Small Business Owners Part 2

Feb 15, 2019 -- Posted by : Tommy_House_Studios

Grassroots Marketing for Small Business Owners

In the previous article (Part 1), I started giving some suggestions on how to start a grassroots approach to reaching new, potential customers. Let’s continue with a couple more ideas.

Support the Community

Charitable giving is a great thing—period. But it can also be a very powerful motivator for people who have a desire to help and support businesses that help the community. Helping a noble cause can jumpstart your grassroots marketing and supporting a charity or cause can be a great way to spread the word about your business and provide the help that many organizations out there need.

If charities aren’t your thing, you could sponsor a local youth sports team. This has many benefits for the players as well as your business. By sponsoring a team, this can help keep the cost of youth sports programs down so more children can participate. This also helps build goodwill between your business, the parents and the community. And with most sponsorships, there are benefits built in such as field signage and your company’s name on the team’s uniforms. Your company’s brand will be in front of parents, coaches, program organizers, players and fans.

Open Your House

Another way to generate grassroots marketing is to have an Open House. Select a day and open your business to the public. Let your customers in to see the behind the scenes of the business. This also allows you to share your vision and mission statement on a more personal level. It can be a time to answer any questions your customers may have and really get to know them. Sometimes when you are providing a service or selling a product, you don’t have time to really stop and just talk to your customers and get to know them better. An Open House could be an opportunity to spend quality time with your customers.


Grassroots marketing can be a great way to build your business and reach new customers. Some of these ideas may not apply to your specific business but hopefully these have given you a starting point to get the word out and grow your business.

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