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Keep Your Business Booming!

Jul 1, 2018 -- Posted by : Tommy_House_Studios

Keep Your Business Booming!

It’s hard to believe, but we are already halfway through 2018. This is a good time of year to evaluate how your marketing dollars are working for your business. Hopefully business is booming and like any good business owner you want to keep it that way.

While traditional advertising, such as radio, television and newspaper advertising, can still work, businesses in the United States are relying more and more on digital advertising. Statistics show that last year a quarter of all advertising done in the U.S. was digital advertising. Search advertising is the most promising and most profitable digital ad format in the U.S., accounting for the majority of digital advertising revenue generated. It is no surprise that Google, the leading search engine in the world, generated the highest net digital advertising revenue amongst online companies, at almost 80 billion dollars of revenue last year.

So, what does all this mean? It means that no matter how well your business is performing it is important to pay attention to the digital advertising trends. It is an advertising tactic that is ever changing and your business must stay up to date on the best practices.

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, is something that businesses need to stay relevant and in front of their target audiences.

Have you ever gone to Google to search for a business for a specific product or service in your area? You’ll notice that Google prioritizes the local results on the page. Businesses that are investing in local SEO marketing will find their businesses near the top of the page, which improves the visibility of the businesses.

Local SEO helps bring in a targeted audience which in result helps conversions. If someone searches on Google for a product or service your business provides, and your business comes up at the top of the results, you are more likely to convert that searcher into a customer.

Local SEO is also good because there is less competition than global SEO. Your business is only competing with other local businesses of like services or products. This makes this type of advertising less expensive than global SEO where you are competing with everyone in the world.

According to Google, mobile searches have now outnumbered desktop searches. Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day, meaning local SEO is crucial for mobile traffic.

The other benefits of local SEO are that it helps your business create local connections and improve trust worthiness and credibility.

Are you ready to explore the digital world of local SEO advertising? Tommy House Studios is ready to help. Call us at 334-310-2915 or 1-877-246-1315 and we will walk you through the steps to keep your business booming in this digital age.


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