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Website Design DIY vs. Hire A Professional

Jan 15, 2018 -- Posted by : TommyHouseStudios


Website design is a lot like a home improvement project. You can turn on HGTV, watch countless YouTube Videos, take classes at your local Home Depot and exhaust Google to hopefully achieve the Pinterest-inspired project you’ve been longing to achieve. But even after all that research, time and money the result may not turn out as you expected. Your next steps, hire a professional to come in and fix, complete or re-do said project. Designing your business’s website is like your DIY home improvement project. With a vision in mind you study YouTube videos, scour the web for “how to” articles and maybe even take a class at your local library or community center. Once you get to work you realize that your design doesn’t articulate the message you are trying to portray. You should have hired a professional.
A creative agency and web development team can bring your business website to life. These professionals are immersed in all things .com, .net, .org and every other variation out there. Our team at Tommy House Studios can create efficient and effective, custom websites to meet your digital goals. We will take you through an extensive process to ensure that we have gone above and beyond your expectations.

  • At Tommy House Studios, we are passionate about your business. We want to know the ins and outs of your company and why you do what you do. Allowing us to get to know you will help us pinpoint your goals, develop a proposal and establish a timeline for your project.
  • Next, with your feedback, we will create a sitemap and uncover what content and assets will be needed to develop each page.
  • After the content has been decided on we will work on the blueprints and wireframes of your website, laying out all of the content and the functionality of each template.
  • Using your approvals, ideas and goals we will then begin the design phase, turning your vision into a reality. We will ensure that the site is compliant with web standards and accessible on multiple devices and browsers.
  • After reviewing and testing your site we will be ready to launch it. We will also be able to assist you with making updates, managing the site post-production and promoting your site.

Like any good project, it’s important to frequently assess your content and stay up to date on new digital marketing trends. Tommy House Studios always has a team standing by to help you do this.

Ready to develop your business’s website? Contact Tommy House Studios and let us help you develop a plan to take your business to new heights. Although, we are located in Montgomery, Alabama, Tommy House Studios has clients all over the country. We bring together technology with creativity to enhance the ability of our customers to connect with the world.  Call us at 1-877-246-1315 or email at sales@tommyhouse.com and let us help develop a marketing solution unique for your business.


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