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Website Wisdom for Small Businesses

Mar 1, 2018 -- Posted by : TommyHouseStudios

Website Wisdom For Small BusinessesIn a world where marketing trends are changing by the minute, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, small businesses have been behind the curve when it comes to marketing and websites. According to a small business survey conducted by data firm, Clutch in late 2017, 29% of small businesses did not have a website. Studies show that websites are regularly named as the most effective channel to market small to medium businesses. There are many reasons or excuses small business owners use for not having a website, including using social media profiles in place of a website, to the lack of technical knowledge and the lack of resources. Research shows that small businesses benefit more from having a website than using a substitution like social media. 

  • There are many advantages of a small business having a website.  
  • Expand your audience from local to global.
  • Digital sales conversions save time and labor
  • Trackable marketing and business analytics
  • Cost effective compared to brick and mortar
  • Increased brand awareness 

Research also shows that small business owners are most satisfied with their websites and marketing efforts when they outsource those responsibilities to an agency. Tommy House Studios is fanatic about small businesses and offers affordable, creative marketing tailored to the small business owner.
Tommy House Studios will ensure that your website doesn’t fall victim to common small business website mistakes. A key mistake in website design is rushing to get it finished as soon as possible without understanding your target audience or market. Many times, business owners think that a website should be busy and flashy. The goal of your website should be clear and clean with a focus on getting your customers to the right place, plus flashy websites don’t show up well on mobile phones. A website should also have a clear call to action. Your users should know whether they are going to buy your product, contact you or subscribe to your business e-newsletter, and that action should be clearly communicated on your site.

Is your small business ready to take it’s marketing and website to the next level? Contact Tommy House Studios and let us help you develop a plan to take your business to new heights. Although, we are located in Montgomery, Alabama, Tommy House Studios has clients all over the country. We bring together technology with creativity to enhance the ability of our customers to connect with the world.  Call us at 1-877-246-1315 or email at sales@tommyhouse.com and let us help develop a marketing solution unique for your business.


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