How do I setup my email in Outlook Express?

The easiest way to setup your email accounts in Outlook Express is to login to your cPanel and click on "Mail Manager" then click on "Add/Remove Accounts". Once you have created your email accounts you may click the "Outlook Express Auto Config" on each email address that you create. Follow the steps provided for you.


a) Go to Tools | Accounts

b) Click on Add | Mail

c) In Display Name, type whatever you want. Click "Next"

d) E-mail address: whatever@[yourdomain].com Click "Next"

e) My incoming mail server is a "POP3".

f) Incoming Mail(POP3 or IMAP)server: mail.[yourdomain].com

g) Outgoing Mail(SMTP) server: mail.[yourdomain].com or what your ISP provided you.*

h) Click Next

i) POP account name: [username], Password: [passwd] Click "Next".

j)Internet Mail Account Name: whatever you want

k) Choose your connection type depending on your connection method. If using AOL, choose "Connect through ...LAN..." option.

l) Click "Finish"

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