How does the website design process work?

Our Process in a bit more detail…

  • Initial Meeting. We would normally have a meeting, say hi, get to know each other. This is the first of many important steps to creating the website you want.
  • Consultation. Sometimes we have some kind of consultation or brain storm. This sometimes happens in the initial meetings depending on how enthusiastic you are.
  • Agreement and Deposit. After you’re happy with the idea of working with us, and we understand what you want we draft a proposal outlining what we think are the deliverables and cost of the project. You’ll need to make sure we’ve not miss-understood you and that you are happy with our terms and the cost of the project. Once this document is finished and signed off we move into the production phase.
  • Wireframes. To help nail down the structure of the website, we create visual organigrams of your future website. We normally do a few of these, on paper.
  • Content Audit. Content is the most important part of your website, and you are the experts in your field and we’ll advise you on how what you want to communicate will best be implemented in the designs.
  • Look and Feels. Once the content and wireframes are finished, we will start designing the Homepage “Look and Feel” and sub pages of your website.
  • Changes. When we present each and every design, you have the opportunity to change your mind and tweak what we have presented. Your proposal will explain how many rounds of changes are budgeted for.
  • Design approval. Once you get that happy feeling when you look at your website designs, we will need you to approve the designs. Once the designs are approved coding can begin.
  • Coding. Once we start coding your website, we normally become quiet and keep our heads down. We will start coding the XHTML and CSS, then start with the back end development (if any).
  • Web Preview. Once we are done with all the nerdy coding, we will present your website on a proof link for you to navigate and check for mistakes and ask for corrections and changes.
  • Final Payment. Once we upload the website to your server we are effectively giving you the keys to a brand new car. So before we do that, we’ll need to get paid.
  • Activation. We make your website live, hopefully with no glitches!
  • Monitoring. We automatically install Google Analytics, so a PDF will be emailed to you once a week, or once a month, outlining the changes and information regarding your website.

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