Edcast No Audio

If your encoder shows it is connected, but you are not hearing any audio, check over the following steps:

1. Your peak meters in edcast show audio levels. You should see the green meters bouncing if your encoder is successfully receiving audio. You may need to right click inside the black window to verify the peak meter is set to on.

2. You have your proper sound device and input selected in ed cast by using the drop down menus located under live recording. The sound device should be your active sound card that is receiving your audio. The input device should be the line in or input you are using to receive your audio.

3. Make sure nothing is muted or turned down. You will want to check all sound settings on your sound board, volume settings in your automation software, and any windows and/or sound card settings on your encoding computer.

3. Verify your audio cables are connected and that you are able to hear your audio on the desktop speakers of the computer you are using to send the stream.

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